Installation Services

Dan Terry is Art & Mural Installation

Dan is frequently in demand as one of the most respected, certified professional art and mural installation experts serving interior designers, commercial businesses, hotels, banks, restaurants, retirement homes and upscale private collectors throughout Texas. With years of experience as an exhibit designer for the San Antonio Museum Association, and later with Foster’s Art Installation Company, LLC out of Dallas, today his services are exclusively contracted as one of the primary regional installers with the The North American Network of Independent Art Installers, Mural Hangers & Interior Designers –

His special expertise goes beyond simply hanging canvases whether simple or security. He’s often called upon to safely install large scale works including sculptures and mural installations, with expertise in wall papers, exterior vinyls, large panels and canvases.

Over decades serving in this capacity, he’s established an impeccable reputation with clients for both professionalism and safety, without a single incidence of injury or damage to anyone or any work of art. On the contrary, both collectors and even other art installers, on occasion call on Dan, to repair damage or effect restoration to valuable paintings, or sculptures damaged by others whether by failure during installation by less experienced contractors or by careless movers.

Some of the many facilities Dan has installed include Pei Wei Restaurant, the Four Seasons Resort, State Farm Insurance, Chase Bank, Hotel Ella, the University of Texas Stadium, Hooters Restaurants, Eddie V’s, Oaks of Kyle, Baylor, Scott & White Medical Center, EVO theaters, Tacoma Medical Center, McAllen Medical Center, Public Artist, Inc. and scores of retirement and private homes around the state. Depending on the scale of the project, assistants and scaffolding or rental lifts are sometimes required.

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sign in or sign up and specifically request Dan in the project description area. All bookings for installation services by Dan and his team are exclusively contracted through AIN (Art Installer Network). Due to logistics involving scaffolding and other specialized equipment most booking are limited to Texas. However, if budget is sufficient for expenses and rental of OSHA compliant equipment required by nature of the project, Dan and team will travel nationwide.