Centaur Technologies Urban Funk Gameroom

For Austin's Centaur Technology's Headquarter's game room, the challenge was to bring a sense of Austin's urban hipness to a bland uninteresting space. This is what I came up with combining elements of faux brick and plaster work from Austin's rapidly disappearing historic downtown architectural legacy adorned with both classical Renaissance influences and urban street art graffiti. Fun project that exudes a sense of playfulness.

Texas Longhorns & Bluebonnets - Jackson Longhorn Ranch mural, Brenham, TX

Oil on Canvas - 9' x 14.5" (2017)

Texas Longhorns and Bluebonnets, Oil on Canvas 9’x14.5′ Commissioned by Jackson Longhorn Ranch, Brenham, TX 2017.

“Dan Terry out of Austin painted this amazing mural for us and has smaller (30 x 48″) numbered copies available. Longhorns and bluebonnets.”


Brian Jackson, President of Jackson Longhorn Ranch

Signed and numbered Limited Edition in rustic barnwood frame at 30″x48″ exclusively available here. With COA and brass ID label on frame.

Signed Limited Edition Giclee Print in Barnwood Frame Available Here.

Festive Mexicana Village - Taquera La Mexicana Restaurant, San Antonio, TX

Oil on wall and wood, 9' x 30' - November 2018

Lifesize Humpback Whale - Witte Museum's Animal Senses Exhibit, San Antonio, TX

Oil on wall 10' x 30' (1983)

Humpack Whale Wall Mural Oil on Wall 10′ x 35′

Created in 1983 when Dan was employed as a member of the Witte Museum’s Exhibition Team for the “Animal Senses Exhibit” this mural done with oils directly on one of the Witte Museum’s structural support interior walls has not been seen in public in over 30 years. Yet, when the exhibition closed, the head of exhibits at the time, Mr. Dennis Bartz, rather than destroy the work, had his team erect a new ‘false wall’ in front of the painting.

Thirty years is a long time and several years ago, the Witte and San Antonio Museum Association funded a multimillion dollar renovation of the historic museum on Broadway and the original mural was destroyed in the process. Fortunately, Dan even then was diligent in taking documentary photography of much of his work and the images you see are digitized from original 6x6cm color transparency film photography taken by Dan using a Hasselblad 500C camera. In modern terms the slides are about the equivalent of taking a digital photograph with a resolution exceeding 130 megapixels making possible limited edition large scale faithful reproductions of the original oil painting.

Dan’s photography was considered highly enough that he was assigned to photograph in medium and large (4×5″) format the entire PreColumbian collection for the San Antonio Museum of Art, many images published in the book, America Before Columbus, the PreColumbian Collection, edited and curated by Nancy Kelker (1983).

Bar 2909 Murals, Fort Worth Entertainment District

Three Murals: Hell's Half Acre 8 x 24' - Cowgirl Shootout 8 x 16' - Cowgirl Shootout Frontal 8' x 8' (2015)

Hell’s Half Acre is what Fort Worth’s historic entertainment district was called back in the days circa 1880 when the businesses around West Seventh Street catered to notorious bank robbers, cattle rustlers, bounty hunters, and cattle drivers. And this is very much what it looked like in those days.  This work measuring 8′ x 30′ was painted in acrylic on vinyl and covers most of the interior wall at Bar 2909 on Morton Street in the heart of the district. Two other murals (below) adorn exterior walls in the patio area, showing a sexy cowgirl who’s had just about enough from some baddie and in the climax of a late afternoon shootout on the dusty street, six shooters blazing as seen from both side and front.  Cowgirl Shootout is 8′ x 16′ and Cowgirl Shootout Frontal is 8′ x 8′ and both are done in acrylic, then photographed and reproduced as giant prints on exterior vinyl to stand up to the brutal Texas weather. All three were completed in 2017. Assisted by Sasha Munson.

"DaVinci's Lounge" Historic St. Charles Hotel - Roppolos Exterior Patio Mural, Austin, TX

Digital Drawing on Vinyl 8' x 72' (2015)

The Roppolo’s mural posed several interesting challenges due to it’s location “within” a historic building although technically the area that is the rear patio of Roppolo’s Pizza is an outdoor area covered with a tarp. So the work had to be weatherproof resistent to Texas downpours and the brutal summer heat and UV radiation. Being in a bar in the heart of the Entertainment district which is known to get rather rowdy at times, consideration for the potential for vandalism or simply damaging drunken behaviors was another challenge Terry had to contend with. Like much of the work done in the museum industry, the building itself is a historical artifact and keeping with restoration and preservation practice anything done with a relic should be completely reversable. The artist’s solution – create the entire work digitally and output the massive files onto weather resistent vinyl sheeting, which is removable and replaceable in case of physical damage. Finger marks, spilled alcohol, and pizza stains wash right off.

The artistic challenge was in telling the story that crossed generations and several cultures while stylistically being a single unified work that somehow reflects it’s namesake Leonardo Da Vinci for whom the lounge in named after. From a distance the mural has a character of a composite of faded historical photographs yet up close what’s clear is that every image and portrait and element is drawn in hundreds of thousands of black, brown, red, blue and white lines that follow the form and create the illusion of shape in the line drawing style of Leonardo. The image of the Sistine Chapel figures done by Michelangelo had long been used by Roppolo’s as an icon for the Patio Lounge so in this variation it’s done as if DaVinci had ‘painted’ it with his earthy toned line drawing method. The entire work was created with Adobe Photoshop with a pressure sensitive pen and Wacom Bamboo tablet and required 75 days to draw.

The entire work is 8′ x 72′ in size and was completed and installed in January 2015 at 316 E. Sixth St. in downtown Austin, TX.

Vetruvius Trans-man Renaissance Villa - Roppolo's DaVinci Lounge 3D Animated Mural, Austin, TX

Multimedia - Oil on wood panels, programmed LEDs, Oil on Canvas 11' x 11' x 1.5' (2015)

DaVinci’s Patio Pub Lounge Italian Villa Architectural Mural with LED Lighting

davinci's musicians left


The DaVinci’s Italian Renaissance inspired mural is located in the open air patio in the back of Roppolo’s Pizza in the heart of Austin’s Entertainment District at 316 E. Sixth Street. Besides the faux architecture the mural includes a programmed LED lighting system which animated the “Vetruvius Man/Woman” figure canvas within the archway.

A faux stained glass rendition of DaVinci’s Mona Lisa graces one side while an over head, color balanced LED illuminated social media selfie mirror flanks the opposite. When the overhead carriage lamp is on, it provides enough 6500°K light that cell phone flashes are suppressed for “Having Fun in Austin” selfies.

In faux marble are relief images of a dozen of Austin’s Music Legends. The entire oil on panel work including it’s canvas roof measures 12′ x 12′ x 1.5′ and took 3 months to create. Installed November 2014.



Roppolo’s Pizza hosts my Pizza Fun Selfie Portable Exterior Mural in front of the restaurant seven days a week from opening until about midnight on sidewalk on East Sixth St in the heart of the Entertainment District in Austin. Marc Roppolo shared that hundreds of persons daily take selfies with the mural and often follow through by becoming new customers. The increase in sales exceeds initial expectations as a result of those selfies finding their way into visitor’s social media posts.  The selfie mural initially was created with acrylic paints on extruded PVC panel with an aluminum framework and wheeled base. After a few years in which touchups would be necessary every few months from  crowd damage, the face was replaced with photographic prints of the original painted surface in exterior UV filtered vinyl, which has stood up to Texas weather and drunk crowd abuse for several years. The mural has been in use since 2015.

Inside Roppolo’s I was also commissioned to come up with a way to encourage visitation to the sit down restaurant patio and lounge in the rear of the pizza parlor down a dark hallway. The solution was to create a logo mural with animating LED strips to increase the light level and a painted supergraphic to visually direct visitors toward the patio area. Visitation increased as a result by several hundred percent since installation of the hallway mural upgrade.

Austin Texas Iconic BBQ Selfie Mural – Terry Black’s BBQ, Austin, TX

Like Roppolos and many other businesses, Terry Black’s BBQ wanted an iconic pure Texas themed selfie mural. This is 6.5′ x 10′ and is in use at the exterior smoke house at the top rated BBQ restaurant on Barton Springs Road in Austin, TX.  Jenna Rose, blogger wrote it up and took the selfie above featured in “Travel Escapades: AUSTIN, TX” an article on her website, Jennarosecoloredglasses. Acrylic on PVC panels. 2015.

The Alamo Commissioned Figures

In 1984 Dan was commissioned by the Alamo Mission in San Antonio to create two life sized figures representing the unknown faces of both sides of the battle that stood sentry in the Long Barracks Museum for some twenty odd years.

The originals were done in pencil and then manually redrawn on copper intaglio plates and a small private edition of about 15 original hand pulled etchings were produced to gift to the Alamo board and officials. One of each etching as well as the life sized photographic blowups remain in the collection at the Alamo.

All existing artist proofs and the original pencil drawings have long been sold or lost. Yet children throughout Texas may long remember these images as they were used in a giveaway coloring book printed by the Alamo for class trip visitors to the historic site for about a dozen years. Several hundred thousand of the coloring books were reportedly distributed to school children throughout the state discovered only after Dan’s son came home with one following just such a class field trip to the San Antonio historic site.

What a great way to inspire a love of nature in today’s millennials who’s world view is so strongly shaped by video games and constant internet connectivity. Bring nature indoors as in this immersive bedroom ‘tree house’ mural complete with climbing tree, faux wood ‘tree house’ and surrounding oak and Texas landscape. Other fun features include a cartoon mouse in a mouse hole in the molding, a stuffed raccoon in a hole in the tree trunk, sculptured leaves, and a custom created 24 hour circadian LED & fiber optic lighting system built into the ceiling that colors the room with sunrises and sunsets and a glowing starry night sky after dark.

Meditation Room “Wallpaper” Mural

Peace, Calm & Nature

In a beautiful country farmhouse on the banks of the Pedernales River in the hills west of Dripping Springs, this full surround meditation room mural was completed in February 2015.

With cherry blossoms, butterflies and exotic birds the point of the mural and it’s color scheme is to create a sense of peace, relaxation, and comfort bringing nature indoors in a room dedicated to the practice of yoga and meditation.

The room is approx 8′ x 8′ x and an average 10′ height and the mural is painted on all four walls and the vaulting ceiling for a finished size of 336 sq feet of painted area. Done in oils on latex primed wallboard.

The work took approximately 80 man-hours. Apprentice assistance provided by Naomi Johnson and Ila Josette.

Cloud 9

Seasonal Lobby Tree Sculpture Installation – Atlassian Software Corporate Headquarters, Austin, TX (2017-2018)

Commissioned by Atlassian Software to create a 2 story tall seasonally changing sculptural tree for the lobby of their corporate headquarters, Dan and his team created this work and every few months through 2017 would change the whole mood and decor by changing the leaves and decorate the base area with seasonal or holiday adornments. The sculpture itself was constructed of aluminum, chickenwire, autobody bondo, paint and paper leaves and included internal LED lighting only revealed during the winter holiday update.  To accomplish the tasks Dan brought in friends and colleagues with special expertise in large scale installations and art, including carpenters/installers Jon Stark, Eisen Branson and Matt DeBow, and art assistants Danielle Villarreal, Ila Brisento, and Ash. The work remained the centerpiece of the headquarter’s lobby for about a year before it was decommissioned.

“Dinosaur Natural History Exhibit” Wall Supergraphics – Witte Museum, San Antonio (1982-3)

For the Witte Museum in San Antonio

Dan’s painting and precise anatomical draftsmanship skills were found to be very useful to the exhibition group he worked with at the Witte Museum. For a dinosaur display Dan was put to the job of creating large scale often life-size illustrations of the various species who’s fossilized remains were showcased.

Species shown in the few rare existing photos of the exhibit in the early 1980s include Tyrannasaurus Rex (top), an life sized egg-stealing Struthiomimus group on a mirror for human size comparison (lower left), and a plesiosaur (lower right).

These shown represent about half of the wall graphics prepared for the exhibition all of which were painted over at the close of the exhibition.

All done in oils. Dan also designed and illustrated the museum’s Exhibition Poster at left.

Texas Hill Country Fantasy Mural - Boerne, TX

7' x 7' oil on canvas (2017)

Commissioned in 2017, this Hill Country Fantasy Mural was designed for an interior designers personal home to add some interest to a beautiful patio alcove.  The work itself is 7′ x 7′ and was done in oils on canvas and then cut to fit and installed on the concrete alcove wall.

Tarka Indian Kitchen Mandala & Slogan Murals, Cedar Park, TX

10' diameter hand painted acrylic on wall and vinyl print slogan 5'x7'

Waterfall Condos


Fluence Barnwood Mural

Rustic Shutters

Steampunk Mural

Luxury Nail Salon Angels

Alice in Wonderland

Sky Murals

Mural Installations