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Title: The Coming Wave  Medium: Oil, enamel and interference pigments in Epoxy resin on Canvas 24″ x 36″ unframed (2018)

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This work explores the unimaginable omnipotent power energy our planet’s liquid oceans store and then release in weather events. The CO2 and other chemicals we spew into the atmosphere by the tons every minute, heats the air and oceans. Add heat to any chemical reaction and that reaction accelerates. Heat 3/4’s of the world watery surface a few degrees and by nature’s law that volume of water expands. The only place it can go is over existing land near the shoreline. Physics doesn’t give a damned if it inconveniences cities and millions of people from around the globe. Water does what it has to do when energy is pumped into it. This fantasy work using fluid dynamics of flowing epoxy and pigments to make visible the unfathomable swirling energies surging in the oceans by climate change is not fantasy, merely one inevitable reality some of us will see. It’s not yet too late to see and shape the future.

About Dan Terry

Nationally renowned and highly sought after artist Dan Terry has captured the interest of many organizations, high profile businesses and historical landmarks with his mural and fine art talent.


Austin Congress Avenue “Bat Tagging” – Digital Painting 24″X 24″ (2018) Prepared as a concept proposal for a mural to adorn the Arboretum Shopping Center in NW Austin early 2019. Available in a signed, limited edition 11-color giclee print. Click the image to get more information or to order.

Austin Sunset – Oil on Canvas 44 x 48″ (2015)
Original Available (inquire)- Giclee Prints Available (click image)

Title: Waves on Lake Travis    Medium: Acrylic on Board    30″ x 26″  Signed & Dated Lower Right 2015

Exhibit Provenace: Wavescapes One Man Exhibition, Austin Downtown YWCA July 7-Spet 8, 2015

Available – Original Inquire.  Giclee Prints in Limited Edition (click pic)

Title: Wind and Waves    Medium: Acrylic on Board     24″ x 28″ Unframed,   Signed and dated 2015 lower left.

Exhibition Provenance: Wavescapes One-man Exhibition, Austin Downtown YWCA, July 7 – Sept 8, 2015 

Original Available (please inquire),   Giclee available as limited edition (click pic).

Title: Paint the Wind    Medium: Acrylic on Canvas  30 x 32″  Signed and Dated lower right 2015.

Exhibition Provenance: Wavescapes One Man Exhibition, Austin Downtown YMCA, July 7- Sept 9, 2015,  Pancakes & Booze Art Show, Elysium, Austin Texas, Nov 2018,

Available as tryptic or dyptic as limited edition giclee prints (click pic). Original available $2000.

Title: Santa Elena Canyon, Big Bend, TX   Medium: Pastel on rag board  18″ x 24″ Framed & matted w/glass. Unsigned (c. 1985)

Exhibition Provenance: Wavescapes One man Exhibition, Austin Downtown Y,  July 7 – Sept 9, 2015 

Original available $1500   Limited Edition Giclee Available (click pict)

Title: Oak Sunset1 – Oil on Canvas 36″ x 48″ (2018) SOLD commissioned work

Few things are as mysterious and wonderful visually as an ancient tree. While stoically planted steadfast and solid, they yet team with ever changing subtle windows into the internal dynamic energy making food from light and breathing CO2 in and Oxygen out while pumping nutrients from underground to hundreds of feet into the sky. This work, inspired by the dramatic paintings of trees by the late Texas impressionist Simon Michael, seeks to express the internal dynamism and tension locked into the structures twisting and weight-stressed limbs genuflecting against gravity.  A second version, in progress, will be complete in early 2019.

While the original is sold and in a private collection (Austin, TX), it is available as limited edition prints on canvas at 24″ x 32″ at DAN’S ETSY  


Full Moon Over Austin Acrylic on Canvas 42″x44″ (2017)
Original Available (inquire)- Giclee Prints Available (click image)

Title: Blue Waves      Medium: Acrylic on Canvas    37′ x 32″ unframed gallery wrap    Signed and dated 2016 lower left.
Exhibition Provenance: Wavescapers One man Exhibtion, Austin Downtown YWCA  July 7- Sept 9 2015 

In private collection – donated to Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort Concert with Will Taylor & Friends.  Giclee Limited Edition Available (click pic).

Title; Hill Country Waterfall    Medium:  Oil on Canvas (section of larger Hill Country Fantasy mural in private collection)  24″ x 35″

Available as limited edition giclee print (click pict).

Title: Texas Pastoral     Medium: Watercolor on paper     11 x 14   signed and dated lower left (1980)

Original SOLD   GIclee’s not offered. Example of early naturalistic work and one of the rare watercolors.

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